Thursday, February 12, 2009

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i lay my love on u

Heart of Her

she walks alone,
the boulevard of her life,
seeking the light of future,
hiding behind her memory,

confusion grab her calmness,
winds mixed her up,
it's raining,
calm her down,
blow new spirit into her,
drawn away the dark,
clear the path she walks through...

sitting at the bench of her strength,
she wonders,
how she will go through all the torn,
seeking the faithness of the life,
making the tears freeze,
facing all bad thoughts of her...

She cries,
cries without pure tears,
cry out the darkest side of her life,
until the last tears,
she fall and lay her soul on her grave...

waiting for someone,
someone who cares,
someone who accepts,
someone who true,
someone who didn't exist...
someone who only comes in her dreams,
someone who only speaks in her soul...

she left her dreams,
seeking a new life of dreaming,
Heart of her is lost...

yeeee hhhhaaaaa

"Malaysian climbs his way into record books"

Taking life "one step at a time" is an alien concept to a man who prefers to take 51 flights of stairs at a time.

But Mohd Noor Mat Amin's punishing take on life may just get him into both the Malaysia Book of Records and the Guinness World Book of Records.The 41-year-old athlete, who is in the midst of conducting his Pendakian Merdeka 2008 feat in conjunction with the country's 51st Independence Day celebrations, has climbed up and down the stairwells of some of Malaysia's most iconic buildings

Terengganu-born mountain climber who was part of the successful 1997 Malaysia-Everest Expedition, will complete the fifth leg of his nationwide feat by repeatedly climbing the stairs of the Kuala Lumpur Tower, one of the world's tallest.

In addition to honouring Malaysia on its 51st national day, Mohd Noor is also hoping to set a new record for the Malaysia Book of Records for the highest number of climbs in 24 hours, as well as entering the Guiness World Book of Records for 51 counts of climbing up and down the Kuala Lumpur Tower.

Speedy eaters likelier to get fat, study that it??

Ehem...People who eat quickly until full are three times more likely to be overweight, a problem exacerbated by the availability of fast food and the decline of orderly dining habits, Japanese researchers said on Wednesday.
The findings, published in the British Medical Journal, highlight how eating styles, and not just what or how much is eaten, can contribute to an obesity epidemic fuelled by the spread of Western-style affluence in many parts of the world.
The World Health Organisation classifies around 400 million people as obese, 20 million of them under the age of five. The condition raises the risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart problems.
For their study, Hiroyasu Iso and colleagues at Osaka University asked more 3,000 Japanese volunteers aged 30 to 69 about their eating. About half of the men and a little more than half of the women said they ate until full. About 45 percent of the men and 36 percent of the women said they ate quickly.
Those who said they ate until full and ate quickly were three times more likely to be fat than people in the "not eating until full and not eating quickly" group, the researchers found.
They cited as causes both the availability of cheap food in big portions and habits like watching television while eating.
To counteract the "supra-additive effect" of speedy or glut eating among children prone to obesity, parents should encourage them to eat slowly and in calm surroundings, the study found.